identify your problems but give your power and energy to


- Tony Robbins


Kati Björninen

This is an invitation to find the next you.

I'm a  solution oriented coach for individuals and organisations alike.  My approach is positive psychology. For me this means acknowledging the past and then, turning the focus to the future. As we cannot change the past, there is no need to hold on to it. We should learn from it and then move on.


What you do today, defines your tomorrow. 

Me in numbers:

  • 20+ years in corporate world

  • 15+ years working with fraud prevention and AML

  • 8+ years as a manager and leader

  • 5+ years as a coach

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My services

SOLUTION oriented coaching for individuals

Do you feel it's time for a change? Do you have a feeling you're not present in your own life?

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Coaching for organisations

Is it time to pay attention to the wellbeing of your key staff or staff in general? Does your leadership work need tweaking? 

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Do you need more hands in fraud or money laundering risk management? Or would you need someone to have a look at your processes related to fraud management? 

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What has been said about me


Kati has been providing coaching for me around mental barriers which I felt were holding me back from achieving my goals. I found the sessions incredibly valuable and extremely effective. Kati created an environment where I felt completely safe to discuss and process even the most personal matters. She really helped me to shift my thinking and take significant steps in overcoming my mental barriers. For that I am grateful.


What I really appreciated about Kati's approach is that she used a range of tools and technics to help me view matters from different angles, while also allowing me all the time I needed to process my thoughts. I found Kati to be authentic, respectful, and non-jugemental. Thank you Kati, your coaching has really had a positive impact on me!


LIINA FADAEE - CEO Consult for Growth

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